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Welcome to Be First Insights. Here you will find analysis, research and knowledgeable advice from leading experts.

15.March 2018

IT Decision-Makers Must Focus on the Importance of Big Data Staffing

The importance of big data staffing will only increase as technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning grow rapidly.

15.March 2018

Insurance and Machine Learning: A Partnership That Offers a Competitive Advantage

Disruption is affecting insurance, and machine learning is both the cause of and the cure for that disruption.

14.March 2018

How Big Data in Aviation Is Transforming the Industry

The role of big data in aviation is growing. Today, airlines must be as good at managing data as they are at managing planes and passengers.

13.March 2018

Why Does Your Business Need a Data Protection Officer?

With the arrival of the GDPR, businesses must hire a data protection officer (DPO) to deal with regulators and manage the privacy of customer data.

8.March 2018

How Open Source Software Drives IoT and AI

Open source software is driving the IoT and AI, contributing to the development of edge-based IoT equipment and the evolution of back-end analytics tools.

7.March 2018

Six Big Data Questions Your Business Needs to Answer

Are you ready to succeed with big data? Here are six big data questions you need to ask yourself before getting started on your next project.

5.March 2018

Big Data Basics: A Glossary of the Terminology You Should Know

Finding it difficult to get your head around big data terminology? Use this glossary as your guide to big data basics.

1.March 2018

Scaling Your Big Data Strategy: How Global Data Management Can Help

Global data management tools, such as Hortonworks Dataplane Service (DPS), can address complicated data architectures and simplify your big data strategy.

28.February 2018

Big Data and Government: How the Public Sector Leverages Data Insights

Public sector firms are riding the wave of big data, and government agencies are using it to increase transparency and better serve their constituents.

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