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Análise de Big Data e consultoria de soluções

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Bem-vindo ao Be First Insights. Aqui você encontrará análises, pesquisas e conselhos dos principais especialistas.

5.February 2019

Measuring the Success of Your Blockchain Implementation

With many companies spreading their resources thinly between different emerging technologies, a mature approach to evaluating your blockchain implementation is crucial.

31.January 2019

Data Mining in Action: Should You Outsource Data Science?

Outsourcing data mining projects will give you the opportunity to start safely and effectively, and will allow your company to develop its own data science capabilities.

30.January 2019

Three Keys to a Successful Cloud Transformation Road Map

A move to the cloud or an update to your current cloud strategy is no small task. As you contemplate your cloud transformation road map, what should you consider before making that move?

29.January 2019

Four IT Predictions to Kick Off 2019

Arun Murthy, co-founder and CPO of Hortonworks, makes four IT predictions for 2019, focusing on edge computing, data integrity, and open source adoption.

29.January 2019

How the Sharing-Economy Business Model Fosters Regulatory Engagement

The sharing-economy business model promises to revolutionize the concept of capital and ownership. Companies that want to embrace it must form collaborative relationships with governments and regulators, among others.

18.January 2019

Sampling the Zeitgeist: Fresh Findings From DataWorks Summit 2018

Hortonworks’ DataWorks Summit 2018 events have offered a unique opportunity for attendees to sample the technology zeitgeist.

18.January 2019

Building Your Cloud Strategy From Your Data Strategy

Cloud and IT were main topics at the recent DataWorks Summits in Singapore and Japan. Learn how data governance fits in with a cloud strategy.

18.January 2019

Q&A: Transportation Cybersecurity

As vehicles become more connected with smartphone apps and smart cities, transportation cybersecurity will have an impact on both online and physical safety. How can we address security risks in transportation cybersecurity?

15.January 2019

Develop Deep Learning Skills in Your Organization With These Use Cases

There is a common misconception that you need a PhD or high level of technical expertise to use deep learning—that’s not necessarily the case. Employees with basic mathematical aptitude can develop deep learning skills.

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