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13.November 2018

Are You Ready for the Future of IoT?

As our culture becomes more connected, the importance of IoT grows. Much hype has surrounded IoT in recent years, but now businesses and IT decision-makers must seriously consider the future of IoT and determine how the technology fits into their digital projects.

10.November 2018

Breaking Down Six Cybersecurity Myths

Data breaches and other incidents are not only inevitable, but the threat landscape is expanding so quickly that it is tough to keep up. Believing cybersecurity myths makes it more difficult to deploy the right security strategy.

9.November 2018

Big Data in Banking: Three Trends to Know

There are several trends driving the upsurge of initiatives focused on big data in banking. Explore these trends to learn what banks hope to gain from their big data investments.

8.November 2018

Cloud Technology Adoption: Mapping the Migration Journey

The move to cloud technology isn’t an event: it’s a journey, consisting of a set of incremental projects. Here’s what you need to know about this process.

7.November 2018

Using the Advantages of Machine Learning to Solve Business Problems

The advantages of machine learning are clear: the right data at the right time can help your organization improve its decision-making processes.

31.October 2018

Using a Big Data Platform to Unlock the Potential of Cloud Object Storage

Cloud object storage must offer more to data professionals than an information store does. To make the most of these vessels, your business must be able to find, use, and exploit information quickly—and that’s why the right big data platform is crucial.

17.October 2018

The Importance of Dynamic Big Data Planning

Big data planning is crucial to your digital success. Your data strategy shouldn’t be written once, and then set in stone; instead, it must evolve on a regular basis so that your business can use information to create a competitive advantage.

16.October 2018

Data Science and Deep Learning With Containerization Software

The ease and portability of containerization software, and the accelerated processing of GPUs, are enabling and democratizing deep learning.

8.October 2018

How Financial Data Analytics Reveal Risk and Opportunity

Financial data analytics using big data can reveal areas of risk and opportunity for financial services firms.

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