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Análise de Big Data e consultoria de soluções

Sobre o Be First Insights

Bem-vindo ao Be First Insights. Aqui você encontrará análises, pesquisas e conselhos dos principais especialistas.

17.July 2018

The Future of Manufacturing and Big Data

The future of manufacturing is bright. The pioneers in the sector are building the foundations now for more nuanced uses of big data, such as analytics and machine learning.

16.July 2018

This Big Data Business Strategy Is Your Formula for Success

Your big data business strategy is just the starting point if you expect your business to achieve long-term success.

12.July 2018

How Real-Time Data Is Affecting Healthcare

Medical devices are becoming increasingly connected and are able to relay real-time data to analytics systems that can produce actionable information where it counts.

11.July 2018

Three Things CEOs Should Know About the Use of Artificial Intelligence in Decision-Making

Until CEOs understand the use of artificial intelligence in decision-making, enterprises will not be ready to jump into machine learning.

25.June 2018

How Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Can Improve Patient Outcomes

Here’s how using artificial intelligence in healthcare can help overworked physicians spot existing problems and predict future ones.

11.June 2018

The AI Strategy CEOs Need to Consider

Today, data drives most business decisions. CEOs need a clear AI strategy to stay competitive using big data and machine learning.

8.June 2018

How AI and Mobile Technology Are Changing Retail

AI and mobile technology are changing customer experiences by using consumer data to enable hyper-personalized services.

6.June 2018

Three Things We Learned About Big Data Applications From DataWorks Summit Berlin

Here are three big takeaways on big data applications from the recent DataWorks Summit Berlin.

31.May 2018

O software de análise preditiva evita o tempo de inatividade para os fabricantes

Downtime impacts a manufacturer’s efficiency and bottom line. Predictive analytics software allows for predictive maintenance, reducing downtime.

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