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July 11, 2017
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Capturing Consumers in 8 Seconds or Less

Last month at our DataWorks Summit in San Jose, the CEO of Pinsight Media (Pinsight) presented The 8 Second Data Rule.

Pinsight is the mobile data company that uses verified, network-level data to fuel intelligent brand decisions. Its data management platform ingests over 60 terabytes of data coming from 65 million devices across multiple mobile network operators. Network-level data provides right-time advertising, capturing those with the highest propensity to respond.

Pinsight is “Data Fueled, Insights Driven.” Guess what they’ve got in their engine? It rhymes with Hydrocortisone Perks. You can read the full case study here.

Kevin McGinnis, CEO at Pinsight Media, introduced the audience to the 8 Second Data Rule and explained the challenge of capturing consumer attention in such a small window, and how Pinsight Media uses first-party mobile carrier to do precisely that.

Abstract: Our mobile device gives 24/7 access to news and information. So it’s no wonder the average attention span is 8 seconds or less. Yet most data available to brands today is often weeks or months old, meaning most of it is old news. So how can brands be confident that the data used to target audiences truly reflects who they are as consumers? Pinsight gets behind the lock screen to uncover a brand’s best customer, giving a predictive look at consumers to determine intent to engage. Kevin McGinnis, CEO of Pinsight, will share how his company taps into the power of mobile, analyzing vast volumes of demographic, behavioral and location data from the Sprint network, to fuel confident decisions that move businesses forward.

Missed Kevin’s keynote? No worries, you can check out the full keynote below:

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