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June 26, 2017
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Noble Energy Cuts Downtime with Big Data and Predictive Analytics

Big Data at Noble Energy

As with any business, downtime costs money and slows down operations. It is almost an expected business pain that plagues corporations around the globe, but this doesn’t mean everyone should sit back with their fingers crossed, hoping it never happens. For companies in the energy sector, downtime can also mean drastic safety problems. Although the industry is vulnerable to unplanned downtime, companies actually cannot afford such Big Data IT failures, or accept it as commonplace. The business and people’s lives are at stake.

Overcoming Downsides of Downtime

Noble Energy is an independent exploration and production company that energizes the world by safely and responsibly delivering oil and natural gas to the marketplace. Noble Energy faced the challenge of wanting to predict and prevent downtime in their systems and architecture. With any delays or complete stoppages with this leads to loss of money, missed sales opportunities, and inefficiency throughout the organization.

There is a lot at stake for people within the energy sector, as new technologies constantly elevate the concerns about the safety of employees and the protection of the environment. The right data, at the right time with predictive analytics restores value to the infrastructure by providing the business confidence in the infrastructure. Not only that, but delivering energy resources from core operating areas in onshore and offshore operations all over the globe has a level of danger. Continuously committed to safe, responsible, and efficient operations, the systems must operate with the same level of consistency.

For more information on how Noble Energy is able to leverage Advanced Analytics, watch Frank Besch, the Director of Business Integration at Noble Energy explain the business impact Big Data has on their business.

To learn more about how Big Data is used within the Oil & Gas industry and the solutions Hortonworks can provide, visit our website.





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