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11.October 2018
press analyst

Data and Analytics are the Keys to Banking’s Future

Big data and analytics (BDA) is a top priority for U.S. banks, with 28% of banks surveyed by IDC reporting that their main purpose for investing in BDA was to understand and target customers better. Banks consider BDA a competitively differentiating technology.

11.October 2018
press analyst

The Opportunities and Data Management Considerations of Hybrid Cloud

Using multiple cloud services from multiple cloud providers is not the same thing as having a hybrid cloud strategy. Many enterprises have stumbled into the use of multiple cloud environments thanks to tactical, departmentally driven approaches to cloud service adoption, as well as through shadow IT efforts. However, as more companies see the benefit of […]

11.October 2018

Bringing It Home: The Omni-Channel Fulfillment Opportunity

The traditional retail business model is evolving rapidly right before our eyes, as early retail e-commerce sites once effectively emulated stores with the assumption that consumers would begin and end their shopping trip in that channel, just as they did in the store. Fast forward to today, and all that has changed in the digital […]

10.October 2018
press analyst

Data and Analytics Are the Keys to Banking’s Future

In the past 12–18 months, big data and analytics have become increasingly important components of Banking institution’s future technology architecture. A 2017 IDC Survey of 300 banks stated, “Big Data and Analytics ranked number 2 and 1, respectively as the banks top technology priorities”. In This analyst report you will find the answers to the […]

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