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Biblioteca de aprendizagem individualizada da Universidade Hortonworks

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Hortonworks University Self-Paced Learning Library is an on-demand learning library that is accessed using a Hortonworks University account.  Hadoop self learning users can view lessons anywhere, at any time, and complete lessons at their own pace. The hadoop learning path is made easier as lessons can be stopped and started as needed, and completion is tracked via the Hortonworks University Learning Management System.
This learning library makes it easy for Hadoop Administrators, Data Analysts, Hadoop self-learning Students and Developers to continuously learn and stay up-to-date on Hortonworks Data Platform.
Hortonworks University courses are designed and developed by Hadoop experts and provide an immersive and valuable real world experience. In our scenario-based training courses, we offer unmatched depth and expertise.   Our hadoop learning path prepares you to be an expert with highly valued, practical skills and prepare you to successfully complete Hortonworks Technical Certifications.
The self-paced learning library accelerates time to Hadoop competency. In addition, the learning library content is constantly being expanded with new content being added on an ongoing basis.

Adquira a biblioteca de aprendizagem individualizada

O conteúdo de aprendizagem individualizada inclui:

Observe que apenas os cursos marcados com um asterisco (*) têm uma Máquina Virtual que os acompanha para exercícios de laboratório.



Trajetória de aprendizagem do analista HDP:

Ciência de dados
* Fundamentos do HBase

Trajetória de aprendizagem do desenvolvedor HDP

* Apache Pig & Hive
* Java
* Desenvolvimento de aplicações YARN personalizadas
* Storm & Trident
* Apache Spark usando Python/Scala

Trajetória de aprendizagem de operador HDP:

* Hadoop Administration I
Apache HBase Advanced Management
Hortonworks Data Flow
Hadoop Administration II


Hortonworks University Self-Paced Learning Library is designed for those new to Hadoop, as well as architects, developers, analysts, data scientists, and IT decision makers - essentially anyone with a need or desire to learn more about Apache Hadoop and the Hortonworks Data Platform.


The hadoop self learning path is offered with access to the Hortonworks University Self-Paced Learning Library for a 12-month period per individual named user. The support subscription includes access to over 600 hours of learning lessons.

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O acesso à Biblioteca de Aprendizagem Individualizada da Hortonworks está incluso como parte do Hortonworks Enterprise, Enterprise Plus e Assinaturas Premier para cada chamada Contato de Suporte indicado.

Hortonworks University

A Universidade Hortonworks é a sua fonte especializada para treinamento Apache Hadoop e certificação. Os cursos públicos e privados no local estão disponíveis a profissionais de TI envolvidos na implementação de soluções de big data.